Ethic Water Generator

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The Ethic Water Generator is not an ionizer, filter  or a device to revitalize the water, it is all of this combined.
The Ethic Water Generator is revolutionary, and its has been put together through years of research.
Ethic Water Generator removes bad taste of water and chemicals using two special filters: it makes alkaline water, it creates an anti oxidant and moisturizing the water.

The most valuable characteristic of this water is that it is obtained with exclusive Ethic Frequency TechologyTM (EFT), which helps the body have a higher acceptance for the water we drink on a daily basis.

This type of water does not cure any disease, but deeply cleanses the body allowing it to regenerate entirely.

This product is the brainchild of Fabrizio Ciancio, who is not a doctor but a humble seeker of truth. Mr. Ciancio has completed extensive research about the water our body accepts the most from the body’s point of view by focusing on the facts.

Mr. Ciancio has compared many other products trying to find the best water’s generators.  He is not claiming for this product to be the absolute best product in its industry. During the testing process however, Mr. Ciancio has discovered that other machines were generating water in a certain range and only the Tyent generated water that was 4 times better than the others. Mr. Ciancio’s research began from this, and he discovered the best information relative to this water to ensure that the human body could use it efficiently. His Ethic Water Generator obtains water that  is 10 times better than water generated from other competing equipments.

Mr. Ciancio intended to find a water generator  with quality objectively observed by putting together Tyent using its exclusive Ethic Frequency TechologyTM and created a very functional product.


Price: 2,698 USD

The First Water Ionizers to Harness the Ethic Frequency!

Beyond Ions! Beyond pH! Beyond ORP!

Though Ethic Water Generator already offer the latest advancements in making Alkaline Water, virtually all water ionizers can make water more alkaline. Some do it better than others, but the difference withEthic Water Generator is in the high quality of the components and some of their exclusive. And now AW is the first and only company to go far, far beyond that with the introduction of the most amazing option on any water ionizer in the world – Electronic Frequency Technology!

Frequencies are LIFE

All life is basically just energy vibrating at various frequencies. How your body use water cluster energy us communication medium into biological processes.

AW proprietary Ethic Frequency Technology™ is a top-secret technology that “energizes” Ethic Alkaline Water with health-building energy frequencies with techniques derived from bio-physics science. Your blood has many electromagnetic properties that could be influenced by energy frequencies. For example, oxyhaemoglobin and deoxyhaemoglobin in your blood has magnetic properties. Also the ionic current created by the electrolytes in blood plasma could be using proteins to act like “semi-conductors,” just like those found in computers.

Though modern  bio-physics science is just starting to explain some of these phenomena, as far back as the 1920s Linus Pauling wrote that resonance is at the heart of the covalent hydrogen bond, i.e., frequencies. In 1935 George Lakhovsky discovered that individual cells have both capacitance and inductance, which are also qualities found in a radio circuit. Robert Becker has shown that the shape and size of different cells is controlled by minute electric currents, which are in turn dictated by the electromagnetic field of the body. So this “new” science has actually been around for decades! AW exclusive Ethic Frequency Technology™ was created by health care practitioners with over 10 years of experience in natural health utilizing energy frequencies. Now, drinking Ethic Alkaline Water with Ethic Frequencies Technology™ throughout your entire body. Ethic Water Generator users have reported balanced & vibrant energy, reduced fatigue and pain, better sleep and optimized performance.

Healing Ethic Frequency Technology™ help align the body’s subtle energetic systems, the means by which all cells communicate better. When the body’s subtle energy fields are in balance, its internal healing mechanisms are improved. Body can use better inside water that will be energetically more balanced.