Who can register?

Any person of any age, any religion, any ethnicity.
We DO NOT ask for name, last name, email, telephone, credit / debit card, address, residence.

What is Scriptural Money?

What is Scriptural money is digital cash of fiat currencies, at free tender, property of the bearer. The creation of digital cash will be progressively removed from the banking cartel to redistribute its value to the public. Currently, EUR Script, USD Script and CHF script are part of the universal income implementation plan to eradicate poverty from “rich countries”. To learn more about the on-going program, please contact @theSmartObserver
via the Help channel on Telegram.

Why is EquaCoin Token?

EquaCoin is a non-deflationist token 
to start a democratic economy. It has been launched in 2017 and is listed on Waves Dex, the decentralized wavesplatform asset market

What is EquaZone?

The EquaZone is the economic ecosystem created by the EquaCoin’s community. It is formed by peer-to-peer transactions and a buy/sell e-commerce platform. To open a free store in EquaZone please contact @theSmartObserver via the Help channel on Telegram.

Who created this system?

The Money Angels, based on the monetary knowledge that Marco Saba and others have extensively exposed in the last three decades, have created a global monetary circuit that offers a universal income to anyone who asks for it, without burdens for the State.

What was the purpose of this system?

The monetary-banking circuit created by the Money Angels serves to demonstrate that an economically conscious government independent of external interests could easily equip the country with a monetary circuit without debt and free it from the usury it is suffering, both in terms of citizens and businesses , both as regards public debt.

What is the public debt?

The current public debt is due to interests that the State, therefore the tax payers, pay to borrow a symbolic currency that has value only because governments give it to it.

Is it legal?

The issue of electronic money AGAINST pre-existing FUNDS is regulated by law (electronic money).
On the other hand, the creation from scratch of free money (FREE TENDER), ie without pre-existing funds, and which constitutes about 90% of the circulating liquidity, is not regulated because officially it is not foreseen.

In reality the credit banks, through simple internal accounting records not guaranteed by any value, create black deposits because they do not register them as cash inflows to the creation, and then use them or to lend them to compound interests to governments, businesses and citizens; or to make investments, or to pay their own costs.

The banking reflux generated in the various countries therefore transits offshore, ends up in investment funds that make it re-enter the various countries by purchasing the privatizations or other assets put on sale by governments, companies and over-indebted citizens, so that at the same time they recycle the money taken from the taxation and take away the nations of the fruit of their labor and their savings.

Bank manager know this?

Officials and bank managers completely ignore these mechanisms, as prof. Torfason: Cash Flow Accounting in Banks – A study of practice, Ásgeir B. Torfason, University of Gothenburg, 2014

Vanno dichiarati al fisco i 1’000 euro al mese di reddito universale?

In prima analisi è che non li devi dichiarare perchè non sono proventi di attività di vendita ma regali. Quando li userai per acquistare allora il venditore dovrà pagare le tasse sulla transazione (ma non importa come tu lo abbia pagato, potresti pagarlo anche in conchiglie se a lui sta bene).

Gli euro scritturali cubano per la valutazione patrimoniale necessaria all’elegibilità al reddito di cittadinanza?

Per il momento No, in quanto per dichiararli serve un intermediario finanziario ergo una valorizzazione ed al momento la valorizzazione è nulla. Questo a prescindere dal fatto che siano anonimi ovviamente.
Comunque approfondiremo meglio innanzi l’argomento. Anche perchè ogni paese ha la sua legislazione ed interpretazione.
Ricordo che per ora è espressamente fatto divieto anche solo tentare di cambiare le monete scritturali con altre monete a corso legale.

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