Vestiti usati – Used Clothes

Un nostro partner si occupa di import-export di vestiti usati di provenienza


1 Container da 40 piedi contiene 46 bales di 567 Kg ognuna.

In ogni Bale si trovano circa 2,490 pezzi che possono essere Uomo, Donna, Intimo Uomo, Intimo Donna, Bimbi, Ragazzi a seconda della richiesta. Possiamo anche preparare bales con % di tipologia personalizzata.

Garantiamo prezzi all’ingrosso interessanti comprensivi di trasporto in ogni parte del mondo.

Description: Top Quality Grade A Clothing is suitable mainly for warmer climates. The items are of excellent quality, with no damage (rips or tears).

Origin: Collected in USA

Clothing in container: A big bale of Summer mix contains a good combination of the most sough after market clothing and these are placed into a big bale. (Note: Smaller bales with specific items of clothing can also be made at a different price. See below for specifics)

Tons per container: a 40’ container holds 46 big bales of 1,250 Lbs. each (or 567 Kg each). A 40’ container weigh about 57,500 Lbs. (or 26,082 Kg)

Number of containers available per month: Please request this information

Port: At your request. (Note: You can use your own shipping/courier company. In this case we will delver the merchandize to the port of Miami.

Estimated time to prepare a container after receipt of deposit and signed contract: 2-3 weeks.

Estimated time for container to reach destination port:  Varies depending on intended destination of the goods

Price: Upon request.

Payment: 50% T/T in advance in the requested bank account of International Tek


Shipping & Prices

We partner with a carefully selected range of shipping companies to arrange safe and efficient delivery of stock to our customers at their preferred ports.
To find out the cost of shipping to your destination, we will need to know the nearest port to your location. Shipping and customs charges at borders are separate costs paid for by our customers. We are happy to provide discounted FOB prices for larger orders.


We are unique in offering varied packaging solutions for our customers.
Our stock is packed in big bales of 1,250 Lbs. each (567 Kg each) and these will only be available in 40’ container. A 40’ container will have 46 bales of 1,250 Lbs. each (567 Kg each). A 40’ container will weigh about 57,500 Lbs. (or 26,082 Kg)
We can also offer smaller bales of 100 Lbs. each (or 45.34 Kg each). These small bales are typically more expensive but can be prepared with specific type of clothing that the client wants. For example: These smaller bales can be prepared with only Adult Summer Mix (80% female and 20% male); Household Rummage; Intimates; Light Children Rummage; Medium Children Rummage. A container can have a mixed amount of each of the above type of bales.

These smaller bales can be sold in 20’ and 40’ containers.

A 20’ container will have 220 small bales of 100 Lbs. each (45.34 Kg each). This means that a container will weigh about 22,000 Lbs. (or 9,975 Kg).
In a 20’ container there would be approximately 44,000 item of clothing (about 200 item of clothing per bale).
A 40’ container will hold 500 bales of 100 Lbs. each (45.34 Kg each). This means that such 40’ container will weigh 50,000 Lbs. total (or 22,670 Kg).
In a 40’ container there would be approximately 100,000 item of clothing (about 200 item of clothing per bale).

Our current prices are available on request. We charge per kilogram, and are happy to negotiate our prices for larger orders.


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